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Here are a few Boskas and friends that are now in homes:

CH, GP Quails Nest Blue Nerissa (aka Nerissa aka Nerissa-Cat) and CH Boska Gravity's Rainbow (aka Pinchy)

Nerissa and Pinchy are pemanent members of our family. Nerissa, born on January 5, 2000, was my first Cornish Rex. She has a huge personality wrapped up in a five pound bundle of energy and purrs.

Extreme Nerissa Close UpNerissa Pre Washes the Mashed Potato Pot

Affectionate and playful, Pinchy kneads us and licks our faces. She loves to dive bomb people from her perches on top of the kitchen cabinets. She's a true shoulder monkey:

CH PR Boska Perfect Kiss (aka PK).

PK was the only kitten in his litter so he was spoiled with attention from his mom and from us. He was shown as a kitten and young adult. He's now retired from the show life, enjoying the attentions of a family and a dog. PK loves to lick faces and jump into the arms of people. Sire: CH Quails Nest Speed Checked by Radar; Dam: GC, RW Quails Nest Kissing Time of Bosa.

PK the Cornish Rex


PK the Cornish Rex

Boska Rififi (aka Lucy)

Boska Rififi

Lucy is an extremely friendly, outgoing, affectionate and playful tortoiseshell Cornish Rex. She loves to be rocked like a baby and fall asleep in a lap. Active and intelligent, her favorite games are fetch and "climb to the sky". She now happily lives with her new family in Southern California. Sire: GC RW Kimo's Houdini; Dam: GC RW Quails Nest Pumpkin Princess

Grand Champion, Regional Winner, Boska 24 Hour Party (aka Pipsy) & Grand Premier Boska All Tomorrow's Parties(aka Kali)

Pipsy Pipsy (left) is a super-energetic girl that loved to show almost as much as she loves to play. She has retired from showing so can focus on being a beloved trouble-monkey to a humble human servant. Kali & Benjamin

Kali is a super-sweet, adorable brown patched classic tabby and white. Like her sister Pipsy, she's retired from showing. She's affectionate, sweet and playful. She loves to keep her humans and other cats company. Here she is cuddling with her long-haird buddy Benjamin. With his size and coat, he makes an excellent heated cat bed.


Sire: GC Quails Nest California Red, Dam: CH Quails Nest Corn Muffin of Boska

Grand Premier Boska Hernan el Payasito (aka Hermy)

CFA GP Boska Hernan el Payasito

Cream mackerel tabby in color, Hermy is a big ball of purr. He purrs while he plays, while he eats and especially when you're petting him. He has an extremely high energy level, even for a Cornish Rex. He loves to run, jump, climb and play with toys. Sire: GC Quails Nest California Red, Dam: GC Kimo's Kaleidoscope of Boska

Grand Champion, Grand Premier, Regional Winner, Boska Infinite Jest (aka Rerun)

CFA's 2nd Best Cornish Rex in Championship, 2006-2007; CFA's 3rd Best Cornish Rex in Premiership, 2008-2009
Best Cornish Rex in the Southwest Region, 6th Best Overall Cat in the SW
Sire: Kelty's Akai Yutanpo of Quails Nest
Dam: GC GP, RW Quails Nest Fergie of Boska

Rerun is enjoying her retirement from breeding and showing. She loves chasing around her Devon Rex brother and snuggling on her person's heated waterbed. She's beyond well-loved and spoiled.  

Rerun is tortoiseshell and white.  Sire: Keltys Akai Yutanpo of Quails Nest, Dam: GC GP, RW Quails Nest Fergie of Boska

He Killed the Photographer's ToysCH GP Quails Nest Cornelius of Boska

I Come to Headbutt You

Cornelius is a super-active, super-affectionate boy.  He does nothing half way!  He likes to figure out how to open things like medicine cabinets, open doors with lever door knobs and uses his paws like hands.   He's now "the toddler son" his family never had.  

He's a brown mackerel tabby.  He has one of the best coats and patterns I've ever seen on a Cornish Rex.  Sire: GC Quails Nest Blackstone, Dam: CH Quails Nest Corn Muffin of Boska

Harry on the DoorBoska A Wild Sheep Chase (aka Harry)

Harry's sweeter than sweet, but that doesn't stop him from pestering his older step-sister Rexie.  Harry got his name after he escaped from his carrier while in flight on a cross-country red-eye.  He wasn't as phased as the person that discovered him several rows away from his person's seat.  

Harry's silver classic tabby and white.  Sire: GC Quails Nest Blackstone, Dam: GC GP, RW Boska Infinite Jest

GC GP, RW Quails Nest Fergie of Boska
Fergie & Griff

To quote her family and many that meet her, "Fergie is the best cat ever!"  She is a true elegant lady and a princess.  She doesn't walk, she prances.  She loves to sleep curled up next to her people, tucking herself up under an arm like a stuffed animal.   When she was a show cat, she'd stand on the judging table at full attention--head up, tail out.  She's pictured here with her Siamese buddy Griff.  

Fergie is a tortoiseshell and white.  Sire: Lillekat Zachariah, Dam: CH Quails Nest Patty Cakes
Boksa Modern Lover (aka Jojo)
Boska Modern Lover

Jojo is a spoiled kitty living in West Hollywood, CA with a couple and and his little Cornish Rex sister Binky.
 He's an affectionate, playful monkey boy.  

He's a cream classic tabby.  Sire: GC Quails Nest Blackstone, Dam: GC GP, RW Boska Infinite Jest

GC Kimo's Kaleidoscope of Boska (aka Kallie)

CFA GC Kimo's Kaleidoscope of Boska

Kallie is a very sweet and sensitive tortoiseshell with a very flashy blaze down her nose. Kallie retired from showing and breeding to Monrovia, CA where she shares her home with two devoted humans and two other Cornish Rex.  

Sire: GC, PR Kimo's Redbird; Dam: GC RW Quails Nest Kiss Me Deadly of Kimo

GP Boska Little Cupid (aka QP), Boska Black Frances (aka Sheba) & Boska Big Black (aka Munch)

Kissy III's kittens born on 9/17/2010 have developed into wonderful adults, QP, Sheba and Munch. All three are super, super smart, affectionate and playful.

Cupid Jumping Boska Big Black aka Munch

Sire: CH Rexors Lunar Eclipse; Dam: GC RW Quails Nest Kissing Time of Boska

Do you have a Boska and would like your kitty to be pictured here?  If so, please send me the picture you'd like me to post.